Nature Retreat
Cabins, "Tree Houses" & More near
the Klamath Basin Birding Trails of Oregon

cabins, tree houses, cottages, vacation rentals near crater lake national park, klamath basin birding trails, national wildlife refuges, wetlands in the pacific flyway of southern oregon; northern california.

The wetlands at Eagle Ridge at Shoalwater Bay on Klamath Lake in Klamath Basin, Oregon.

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Testimonials from previous guests: Introduction.

Cabins, Tree Houses, Cottage, Meeting Room and River Front Retreat
Facilities: Lodging & Facilities Introduction.

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Travel Directions to the retreat: Travel Directory,
Tour Directory: Day Trips of about 100 miles from the retreat.
Directory of Nearby Special Places, page 1,
Nearby "Special" Places, page 2
Travel Directions to Nearby Special Places,
Local & Area Maps Introduction
Other Places Nearby.

Local maps
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Map of the Surrounding Area

Map of Nearby Special Places.

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Testimonial Table of contents, page 1 & page 2.

Lodgings Introduction, Advantages of staying at the retreat. Cabins 2 - 3 Directory,
Cabins 4 - 5 Directory, Cabins 6 ~ Log Cabin Directory, The Abbey & the
Cottage Directory, "Tree House " Directory, RVs or Just get outside & Enjoy Nature.

Pet Introduction.

Facilities Directory, page 1 and page 2.

Plan your Way to the Retreat.

Autumn at the Retreat Contents.

Hiking River-side at the retreat: Introduction.

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Testimonials from previous guests:

page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4,
page 5, page 6, page 7, page 8, page 9, page 10, page 11,
page 12, page 13, page 14, page 15, page 16,
page 17, page 18 and page 19

Lodgings at the Retreat:


Maximum Guests,

Cabin Exteriors,

Cabin 2,

Cabin 3,

Cabin 3 Porch,

Cabin 3 Outside,

Cabin 4,

Cabin 4 Backyard,

Cabin 5,

Cabin 5 Interior,

Cabin 6 Exterior,

Cabin 6 Interior,

Cabin 6 Back Porch.


Cottage Directory,

Cottage from the Meadow,

Living room, page 1 and page 2,

Kitchen, page 1 and page 2,

The Study, page 1 and page 2,

The Bedroom,

Screened Porch,

The Backyard,

The Meadow,

Cottage Outdoors.

Unusual Lodgings at the retreat,
including "Tree Houses":

"Sunset" Log Cabin Exterior and Interior,

The Abbey, page 1, and page 2,

Stargazer "Tree House" and Stargazer in Autumn,

Elfin "Tree House",

Celestial Ark, a Tree Deck, page 1,

Willow Deck "Tree House".

Free Use Facilities:

As Listed: Stargazer Tree House, the Celestial Ark Tree Deck,
the Willow Tree Deck, the Recreation or Meeting Hall, the Tipi at the River
Front Gathering Area and picnic areas.

Outdoors at the retreat.

Outdoors at the Retreat,

Forest Peace,

Tipi on the River,

Winter Stays,

Relax & Meditate,

Just Be,

A Haven in the Trees,

Peaceful, Personal ....

Pet Stays at the retreat.


Pet PolicyPet Rates,  and  Pet Rules.

Facilities at the retreat,
includes the free use facilities.

Facilities ~ Cabins ~ the Sunset Log Cabin,



River Retreat Gathering Area, page 1, page 2, and page 3,

Nature Pond,

Meeting Hall,

Grounds Map.

Planning your stay at the retreat.

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Local Demographics.

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The Vision of the founder.

The Vision of the founder illustrated.

Autumn at the retreat.

Forest Filtered Light, page 1, the Forest Sighs, page 2, Shadows Rest Lightly, page 3,
Autumn Reds in the Retreat, page 4, Autumn's Golden Drift, page 5, Autumn's Splash,
page 6, Autumn's Stroll, page 7, Autumn's Radiance, page 8,
and Autumn's Light on the River, page 9.

Hiking River side at the Retreat.

Hiking on the river, page 1, hiking above Old Chiloquin Dam, page 2,
the river bends, page 3, & the simple beauty walking riverside, page 4, and the
simple beauty, continued, page 5, and the simple beauty, continued, page 6
and the Old Bray Mill, page 7, winter in Sprague River Valley,
page 8 and the river tumbles, page 9.

Mt Shasta looming above Klamath Lake, Winter in Klamath Basin.

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Nature Retreat
Cabins, "Tree Houses" & more
near Crater Lake in southern Oregon

The retreat is a non-smoking facility.