Meeting hall at the retreat in southern oregon, offering cabins, tree houses, vacation rentals for meditation, spiritual, nature pursuits; wildlife viewing, near crater lake national park, klamath basin birding trails, wildlife refuges, hiking trails in fremont winema national forest, hiking trails in rogue siskiyou national forest: sky lakes wilderness, mountain lakes wilderness in the cascade mountains.

Nature Retreat
Cabins, "Tree Houses" and More
near Crater Lake in Oregon

Cabins on the river in the forest at the retreat for spiritual, meditation, nature pursuits, wildlife viewing, near crater lake national park, klamath basin birding trails, national wildlife refuges, hiking trails fremont winema national forest and rogue siskiyou national forest in the cascade mountains of southern oregon.

Recreation & Conference Hall.
Free Use Facility: without charge

Privileged & Revocable
7:00 pm until 10:00 pm unless permission otherwise granted
Normally closed during winter.

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Adult(s) must be present
at all times with children & adolescents; they will be charged as well.

recreation, rec, meeting, convention, hall, cabins, tree houses, cottages, vacation rentals in the forest on the river: spiritual, sabbatical, simple, living, holistic retreats in oregon in klamath basin near crater lake. Try birding, nature walks, hiking, vacation rentals. Ideal getaways for writers, artists; meditation.

One adult
per 2 children
required at all times.

No alcohol/drugs.
No food or non-alcoholic beverages without prior permission.
Clean up and re-arrangement of furniture required.

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Facilities Introduction

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Nature Retreat
Cabins, "Tree Houses" & more
in southern Oregon

The retreat is a non-smoking facility.