Nature Retreat
Cabins, "Tree Houses" & More
near Crater Lake in Oregon

Pets in the Cabins, Rates

Although pets are allowed, special stipulations apply.

Cozy cabins at the retreat on the river in the forest of southern oregon, offering meditation, relaxation and nature pursuits, near crater lake national park, klamath basin birding trails, national wildlife refuges, wood river wetlands, hiking trails in winema national forest, rogue siskiyou national forest: sky lakes wilderness and mountain lakes wilderness.

Pet Deposits and Charges:

Dwellings, Refundable Deposits and Charges.

Rate if only having stayed the initial 3 nights. Full-term
is twice the stated amount below. Longer term or
rates may be modified if pet is found to be of good nature &
premises well kept.


Maximum Allowed


5 night rate:

Small Dog or Cat


$25.00 per


Medium Dog

Two (1 Owner)

$35.00 per


Large Dog (if allowed)




Full-term stays: One half pet deposit due upon arrival, balance due in two weeks.

Cabin 6 is the only cabin available for pets. That's because it's the last cabin and has a yard and fenced in area. Pets are allowed in the Elfin "Tree House," the Stargazer "Treehouse," the Sunset Log Cabin, the & when using the Teepee.

Cabin 6:

Of all the cabins, pets are allowed in 6 only. That's because it's the last cabin and has a fenced yard. Up to two guests are allowed in cabin 6; two guests may each bring a pet, i.e., one pet per occupant up to two occupants.

Pets allowed in 6: small dogs or cats. (Small dog: Up to 35 pounds.)

*See disclaimer below.

Elfin "Tree House":

A maximum of three adults or two adults with two pre-teen children are allowed in the Elfin Treehouse. A maximum of two small (up to 35 pounds) or two medium dogs (up to 65 pounds) or one large, non-aggressive dog is allowed. That is, two guests may bring either two small dogs, two medium dogs, one medium & small dog, or one large dog. Two is the maximum of pets allowed, and only if there are two guests. One guest may not bring two pets. Only one pet is allowed if the pet is a large dog.

~ status undetermined.

*See disclaimer below.

"Sunset" Log Cabin:

A maximum of two people are allowed in the Sunset Log Cabin. Guests may bring two small pets, either cats or dogs, weighing 35 pounds each ~ two medium pets, weighing up to 50 pounds each, or a combination of a large (if allowed) & small. A maximum of two pets are allowed in the "Sunset" log cabin.

*See disclaimer below.


A maximum of two pets are allowed, one if the pet is a large dog.

*See disclaimer below.

*We reserve the right to reject or terminate occupancy at anytime if dog(s) become(s) a nuisance or appear(s) intimidating or aggressive. See Pet Rules.

Intimidating dogs as well as dogs & cats that are shedding are not permitted. See Pet Policy.

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Nature Retreat
Cabins, "Tree Houses" & more
in southern Oregon

The retreat is a non-smoking facility.