Serene Illumination . . . the possibilities are endless at the retreat near crater lake in oregon: cabins, tree houses, vacation rentals for meditation, spiritual and/or nature retreats not far from crater lake national park, klamath basin birding trails, national wildlife refuges, hiking trails at crater lake national park, hiking trails in fremont winema national forest, hiking trails the rogue siskiyou national forest: sky lakes wilderness, mountain lakes wilderness.


beauty, solitude, integrity for those who wish to share their higher selves with nature and others ... BK, founder of the retreat near crater lake in oregon, which offers cabins, tree houses, vacation rentals for meditation, spiritual and/or nature retreats. Ideal for writers and artists.

A dedication to the retreat and its founder . . . Brad Kalita.

by Walt Evans

The stars over-head bend me back, 'til I almost fall . . . with their beauty. This is the place,
"I'd dreamed of, as a youth . . . long ago, but forgotten . . ." Walt

Brad's love surrounds him . . . he wears her like a great coat, seeing her everywhere . . .
she sees him, as he walks the green paths and hills beyond, the trees wave at him on windy days,
he waves back . . . with his heart.

In summer, the river flows like a road onward . . . whispering . . . tempting, wondering why he stays, and not
see, what rivers know, Calling: "Go to the Sea" . . . but the Sea does not yet . . . tempt him.

At times on starry nights, he looks to the heavens from between the trees, in serene wonder,
from his place . . . of heart, with a profound sense, of . . .

just. . ." being."


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Nature Retreat
Cabins, "Tree Houses" & more
in southern Oregon

The retreat is a non-smoking facility.