Nature Retreat
Cabins, "Tree Houses" & More
near Crater Lake in Oregon

Plan your stay at the retreat near crater lake in oregon so you'll be happy in our cabins, vacation rentals, tree houses available for personal, private, spiritual; nature retreats, meditation, birding, wildlife viewing; klamath basin birding trails, national wildlife refuges, crater lake national park, hiking trails in winema national forest all nearby.

Kimball Creek, near Crater Lake and the retreat, flows from an underground
stream originating upstream from the site of this photo.

We want your stay to be happy

If you are looking for the manicured homogeneity of conventional, mainstream America you are unlikely to find it here. If you're looking for peace and relaxation defined in a unique environment, you'll likely find it here. If you want to explore relatively unknown nearby scenic special places, and enjoy the unexpected, come. If you're somewhat fussy and particular about
little things, the retreat may not be suitable for you.

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We Want Your Stay to Be Happy.

Nature Retreat
Cabins, "Tree Houses" & more
in southern Oregon

The retreat is a non-smoking facility.