Nature Retreat
Cabins, "Tree Houses" & More
near Crater Lake in Oregon

Mileage to the retreat in oregon: cabins, tree houses, vacation rentals for meditation, spiritual, nature retreats, wildlife viewing, near crater lake national park, klamath basin birding trails, wildlife refuges, hiking trails in winema national forest; rogue siskiyou national forest: sky lakes wilderness, mountain lakes wilderness.

Approximate mileage to the retreat
Traveling to the Retreat from the West

Medford/Ashland, Oregon: 90 miles.

From the North

Portland, Oregon: 270 miles
Eugene, Oregon: 150 miles
Bend, Oregon: 115 miles.

From the retreat to

Crater Lake National Park: 35 miles
Lava Beds National Monument: 70 miles
Oregon/California Coast: 200 miles

From the East

Lakeview, Oregon: 100 miles.

From the South

San Francisco, California: 400 miles
Sacramento, California: 360 miles
Redding, California: 170 miles
Shasta City, California: 120 miles.

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Nature Retreat
Cabins, "Tree Houses" & more
in southern Oregon

The retreat is a non-smoking facility.